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Nashville’s Downtown Horse Carriage Companies Are At War

Nashville’s downtown horse carriage companies are having trouble getting along.

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Versify #24: A Woman And A Dragon

Linda travelled to Mumbai to deepen her practice of meditation. She found herself instead in the middle of India’s most severe terrorist attack in decades.

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Marilyn Lloyd, a Chattanooga politician hailed for shattering barriers to women, died Wednesday night at age 89.

Lloyd was the first woman from Tennessee elected to a full term in Congress, a feat that by itself would have made her a pivotal figure in the state's history. But Lloyd went on to serve 10 terms, retiring in 1994.

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Roughly 27 percent of salaries in the Nashville area now come from jobs in the health care sector. And a study published Thursday shows the city's leading industry has become even more dominant over the last decade.

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Not all drug dependent babies in Tennessee are using the speech and behavioral therapy they're eligible for. That's a key takeaway from a study published this month that confirms a long-held concern about infants who spend their first few weeks of life withdrawing from opioids.

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The University of the South has a new course offering, one that the professor says is unlike anything he’s done before: Students at Sewanee will study racial injustice and how their own university played a part in it.

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Linda Ragsdale felt lucky to get the last seat on a trip to Mumbai, intending to deepen her practice of meditation. She found herself instead struggling for survival — in the middle of India's most severe terrorist attack in decades. In part one of this two-part season finale, we hear how Linda's world disintegrated into chaos - and began to find order once again. Warning: This episode contains descriptions of violence.

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Nashville’s downtown horse carriage companies are having trouble getting along.

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Randy Boyd, a Republican businessman and longtime ally of Gov. Bill Haslam, has been nominated to serve as the interim president of  the University of Tennessee, following the decision of the system's current leader to move up his retirement.

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A thousand feet above the Brentwood hills, a carefully orchestrated surgery is taking place this week. The main antenna for 90.3 FM is getting replaced after 34 years of faithful service. 

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The Metro Council approved a substantial settlement Tuesday over an allegation of police misconduct. It's one of the larger payouts in nearly a decade, mainly because the woman arrested fought every step of the way.

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Nashville’s main downtown library has approved the creation of a permanent collection dedicated to the city’s role in ratifying the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed American women the right to vote.


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A selection of events from our community calendar this week.

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We're excited to introduce Notes in the Margin, a series where we'll share books that we think 91Classical listeners will enjoy, whether it be a composer biography, a riveting piece of music scholarship, or a novel with a plot that is particularly musical. In addition to interviews with authors, we'll also be including a hand-picked playlist to accompany each book, so you can kick back and listen while you read. 

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Ann Patchett's novel Bel Canto isn't about opera per se, but opera is so heavily featured it almost acts as another character. We've compiled a playlist of some of the music found in the story. Spoilers abound, but just enough that you can find the connection.

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