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Getting approval for a pro soccer stadium was a big win this month for the sport’s supporters in Nashville. But the Metro Council’s decision came with an important last-minute assist.

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Jason Isbell continued his run of dominance at the Americana Music Awards Wednesday night, but he didn’t take home the night’s top honor or give the most political speech.

Bill Lee for Tennessee/Karl Dean for Governor

One of the first major polls of the Tennessee governor’s race shows a pretty sizeable advantage for the Republican nominee. But it also highlights a question being asked across the state: Who are these guys?

A recent poll found that more than a quarter of likely voters are either unsure about or have never even heard of Williamson County businessman Bill Lee. Nearly a third are unfamiliar with former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean.

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It's been a decade since the Kingston Coal Ash Spill became the worst disaster of its kind in U.S. history. More than 1 billion gallons of the byproduct — made by burning coal to produce electricity — poured out over hundreds of acres in Roane County.

Now the workers tasked with cleaning up the massive mess are suing the company that hired them. Hundreds have been sickened and dozens have died.

The Roadies Nashville soccer
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

One of the most-debated subjects in Nashville right now is how — or whether — the city will build a new Major League Soccer stadium at the Nashville Fairgrounds. Almost every day, there’s a new contract being discussed or another city agency making a decision.

WPLN’s Jason Moon Wilkins and Tony Gonzalez sort out where things stand — and where they’re going — with the stadium.

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The big story coming out of the primaries was the surprising victory of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee. The Williamson County businessman seemed to surge late but the seeds of his win may have been sewn in some of the race’s earliest days.

Throughout the campaign, Lee portrayed himself as the upbeat outsider and let his opponents duke it out with attack ads.

Nashville Public Radio's Jason Moon Wilkins and Chas Sisk talk about that strategy — and why it seemed to work.

Randy Boyd for Governor (submitted)

Knoxville businessman Randy Boyd has been one of Governor Bill Haslam's most trusted advisers. Now, Boyd wants to follow in Haslam’s footsteps all the way to the state Capitol.

Chas Sisk / WPLN (File photo)

Republican businessman Bill Lee wasn't known to many Tennesseans before this year's race for governor. He'd been a major fundraiser for the GOP. But he'd never run for public office of any kind.

Lee touts that as a virtue.

In the latest in a series of interviews with the six leading candidates for governor, Lee sat down with WPLN's Chas Sisk.

Courtesy of Karl Dean for Governor

Gubernatorial candidate Karl Dean is trying to present himself as a moderate. Not too business-centric for his base in the Democratic primaries, not too liberal to offend the Republican voters he'd need if he gets the nomination.

WPLN's Emily Siner spoke with the former mayor of Nashville about this delicate dance that would likely have to continue if he were elected governor.

Courtesy of Diane Black for Governor

The Republican gubernatorial candidate with the most name recognition is Congressman Diane Black, polls have shown. And if elected, she would be the first woman to hold the position of governor.

But that isn't what she talks about to voters. Instead, she touts close ties to President Trump and fierce opposition to illegal immigration.

WPLN's Emily Siner spoke with Black about what messages she's decided to emphasize in her campaign. And Emily talked through the conversation with her colleague Jason Moon Wilkins.