Blackburn Says Senators Needs To ‘Focus,’ Not Battle President Trump | Nashville Public Radio

Blackburn Says Senators Needs To ‘Focus,’ Not Battle President Trump

Oct 20, 2017

U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn says the Senate is slowing down President Trump's agenda.

Her remarks come amid an ongoing dispute between Trump and Bob Corker. And while she's declining to call out Tennessee's current senator, she's making it clear she wants them to move on.

Corker and Blackburn were both big supporters of Trump. But in recent weeks, Corker has repeatedly hit Trump and his administration — questioning the president's fitness for office, his effectiveness and his handling of the nuclear showdown with North Korea.

Blackburn is trying to stay out of it. But when asked about the feud following an appearance this week in Clarksville, she said other issues are more important to voters.

"Right now, what they want us to do is focus on health care, tax reform, securing the southern border. And those are things we need to deliver before the end of the year," she says. "I think what they want us to do is focus."

Blackburn hopes to follow Corker in the Senate after he retires next year. She's one of three candidates so far in the race.

Challenging her for the Republican nomination is Andrew Ogles, a conservative activist. Nashville attorney James Mackler is so far the only Democrat to have entered.