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The Exodus Of Nashville General Hospital’s Board Continues

Jun 6, 2018

The board that oversees Nashville General Hospital is in turmoil. A fourth board member has resigned in a matter of months.

Michele Williams stepped down this week, expressing disapproval with the rushed contract extension for the CEO last week.

The board had already been at odds with the former mayor and at times each other, amid talks about possibly closing the facility. And now that the city has a new mayor and closing is no longer being considered, two vocal board members have been eager to extend CEO Joseph Webb's contract and provide stability for employees and patients. The hospital experienced a sizeable dip in patients when former Mayor Megan Barry proposed closing the hospital and a wave of nurses departed.

The problem is, Webb's only evaluation to date hasn't been finalized or made public. The process was being led by a board member who has since resigned, Harry Allen.

But in a board meeting last week, pastor Frank Stevenson and attorney Richard Manson forced a vote on Webb's fate, even though a couple of members were absent and had apparently been told the contract wouldn't be voted on until the June meeting.

That led Michele Williams — one of only two doctors left on the board — to step down, telling The Tennessean she would have voted no if she'd been there. Chairwoman Jan Brandes also resigned abruptly at the end of that meeting without explanation.

The Hospital Authority meets again next week to work out terms of Webb's contract extension and finalize his first performance review since being hired  in 2015 to stabilize the hospital.

But Mayor David Briley will now have the job of appointing four new members and reshaping the 11-person panel charged with turning around the city's financially strapped public hospital.