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GM Makes It Official: Spring Hill To Build Smaller Acadia SUV

Jan 12, 2016

General Motors is showing off a new, smaller redesign of the GMC Acadia at the Detroit auto show. The automaker is also confirming that the crossover will be built at its plant in Spring Hill.

This SUV is shorter, skinnier and 700 pounds lighter than the first-generation Acadia. A four-cylinder is now available, offering 28 miles to the gallon on the highway. There’s also an option for five-passenger seating instead of eight. GM says it's responding to consumers.

"We talk to Acadia customers a lot," says George Jones, marketing manager for the Acadia. "Some of the things they talk a lot about is improving the efficiency and maneuverability of the vehicle."

Until now, the Acadia has been made at GM's Lansing Delta Township plant in Michigan. Spring Hill is a natural place to move production. The plant, which started out in 1990 making Saturns, has been assembling SUVs in recent years.

The facility employed roughly 1,900 workers as of September but is already in hiring mode because of another new assignment — building a mid-size Cadillac crossover, which shares some parts with the new Acadia, according to the company.

The downsized Acadia goes on sale this spring. The base model has been around for a decade, but is coming off its biggest sales year ever.

“Typically, a vehicle’s sales can be illustrated on a bell curve during its lifecycle, but the Acadia’s success has defied convention with impressive sustainability,” GM vice presdient for sales Duncan Aldred said in a statement. “It’s a shining example of GMC’s momentum and we’re confident it will grow with the new Acadia.”