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We Want Your Stories For A New Season Of WPLN's Podcast Neighbors

Dec 12, 2016

Call for podcast episode submissions!

Neighbors is in production on Season 4, and we want your stories.

The stories on Neighbors are from real people. When someone shares an honest and profound experience, it can spark something in the listener. Maybe you can relate to a mother who had a miscarriage and is struggling with whom to blame, or a man trying very hard to learn a new language so he can navigate a new country, or a musician undertaking a major career shift later in life. Or maybe you can’t — but listening begins a real connection. A connection to our Neighbors. Stories ignite joy, anger, fear and sadness. They warn, challenge, inspire and entertain. Neighbors seeks to find stories of authenticity and tell them to create connection.

If you have a story that fits that bill, please send me a pitch at jakob@wpln.org. Just write it out as if you were telling someone about it at a coffee shop. I’m not looking to market your newest record or champion your organization — however, a good story is a good story.

Here are some prompts to get you thinking about hidden stories in your life:

Royalty. People who are extremely revered or reviled — but only in a small circle or very niche sub-culture.
Frontiers. Pushing boundaries, discovering the unknown, blazing trails.
Odd Couples. An unlikely pairing connected by something deep.
Limbo. Wandering in the desert, but not yet to the promise land.
Cosmic Joke. An experience with irony so thick you can cut it with a knife.
Technicality. Getting by or getting caught by a peculiarity in the system.
Camouflage. Trying to blend into a certain environment when you don’t belong.
Wild. Losing control and finding power.
Organic. A connection that happened so naturally.
Wealth. Abundant provision, careless excess.
Constellations. Moments where you found unexpected points of orientation, moments of connecting the dots.