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Bluegrass Breakdown: New Releases

Aug 18, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: We've got time on our hands and money to spend and that dangerous combination always inexorably leads to the same thing — another wallet-depleting trip to the new bluegrass CD bins. 

We'll be unveiling the latest from Goodfellers, Williamson Branch, Kristi Stanley, Love Canon, Twisted Pine, Troy Engle and the Jakob's Ferry Stragglers coming up this more exciting than shopping for socks, folding a fitted sheet and cracking an egg edition. 

Bluegrass Breakdown: New Old Time

Aug 4, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: It's a type of music that's often humorously described as being better than it sounds, which actually comes from Mark Twain describing Wagner's operas. More metaphisically, it's a particular brand of music that, among many other things, helps give the listener a sense of security by harkening back to memories of home, early childhood, religious experiences, finding a place in the community, courting, working and death. 

We'll be immersing ourselves in the power of new old time music with the likes of Victor Furtado, Frank Lee & Ellie Burbrink, the Turf Dwellers and Mother's Boys. 

Bluegrass Breakdown: June And July, 1978

Jul 28, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: We'll be jetting back to June and July, 1978 when, among other things: At President Jimmy Carter's behest, the Seldom Scene play a backyard reception for members of Congress; singer-songwriter Johnny Bond, writer of such bluegrass staples as "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight" and "Love Gone Cold" passes away at the age of 63; and Nashville's world famous Station Inn relocates to its present location on 12th Avenue South. 

Bluegrass Breakdown: Harlan, Part Two

Jul 21, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: It's a city and county in Eastern Kentucky that's steeped in history, tradition and mountain culture — where folks live by their own set of rules, often meting out their own brand of justice. It's known for labor disputes, coal mining, moonshining and a rich musical legacy. We'll be exploring the latter as we return to bloody Harlan. 

Bluegrass Breakdown: Harlan, Part One

Jul 14, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: Harlan. It's the county seat of Harlan County, tucked away in the Eastern Kentucky hills in a land some people say time forgot. It's a place that evokes graphic images of starvation, black lung, bitter labor disputes, shoeless children, poverty, violence, blood and death. It's also a place that has been the scene of some colorful history, created a unique cluture and, most importantly for our purposes, produce some of the most intense music ever concocted by man or beast.

Bluegrass Breakdown: New Releases

Jul 7, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: it'll be new release city, recent CD a-rama and otherwise late-breaking mayhem. We'll be unveiling, unfurling and otherwise airing out the latest from Junior Sisk, David Davis, Five Mile Mountain Road, Backline, Luke Morris, Al Jones and Flashback. 

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: During the 70's, it was one of Blugrass-dom's premier labels. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio and run by businessman Robert Trout, the record company issued a slew of classic albums from the like of Red Allen, J.D. Crowe, Reno & Harrell and Larry Sparks. We'll be exploring the wonderful world of King Records. 

Bluegrass Breakdown: Winding

Jun 23, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: It's a twisting or spiraling, usually tortuous course that all things bluegrassical must follow. With the assistance of Sierra Hull, Andy Thorn, Bobby Atkins, Rigney Family Bluegrass, the Stetson Family and the Nashville Bluegrass Band, we'll be looking at the winding streams, winding rivers, winding roads, winding trails and otherwise getting wound up.

Bluegrass Breakdown: Bluegrass Men, N-O

Jun 16, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: we'll be renewing our never-ending quest to meet all the often interesting, sometimes exasperating, and always fascinating colorful men that populate Bluegrassland — a place that has more than its fair share of eccentric, cantakerous and just plain ornery characters. 

With the help of Doc Watson, Volume Five, Jake Landers, Nate Leath and Randall Hylton, we'll be rubbing shoulders with natural, needy, nowhere, one track, one woman, old time, one armed and one legged men. 

Bluegrass Breakdown: Elvisgrass, 1954-1956

Jun 9, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: He was a singer, actor, genre-pioneer, sex symbol and cultural icon who captivated legions of fans who hung on his every word and every sway of his scandalous hips. He mixed music from both sides of the color line and became the quintessence of cool. He's sold over 1 billion records worldwide with 19 number one hits, 40 in the top ten and 114 in the top 40. 

We'll be bluegrassizing the one and only and forever undisputed king of rock 'n roll, Elvis Presley.