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Hosted by award-winning journalist Tom Ashbrook, On Point is broadcast for two hours daily across the country on NPR. The show’s lively conversation covers everything from breaking news to ancient poetry, and features writers, politicians, journalists, artists, scientists and ordinary citizens from around the world.

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This program originally broadcast June 14, 2018, with David Folkenflik. 

Three decades of “The Simpsons.” We turn our eye on Springfield with a top writer who has been in the mix since day one.

Your New Prescription: Empathy

Aug 16, 2018

This program originally broadcast May 1, 2018, with David Folkenflik. 

Compassion may be the cure. Dr. David Rakel shares his guide to healing through empathy and listening.

Inspiration Through Procrastination

Aug 15, 2018

This program originally broadcast on March 13, 2018 with Meghna Chakrabarti.

From da Vinci to Darwin, how great minds put things off, but changed the world anyway. We’ll talk to two procrastinators: Andrew Santella, the writer of a new book about procrastination, and Tim Urban, whose TED talk on procrastination was one of the most viewed of 2016.

With Budd Mishkin

Washington slaps tariffs on Turkey. The Trump administration’s trade fights, using national security as the justification. We’ll dig in.


Piotr Zalewski, Turkey correspondent for The Economist. (@p_zalewski)

With Budd Mishkin

American hate. We talk with a human rights lawyer about the powerful stories of hate crime survivors.


Arjun Singh Sethi, editor of “American Hate: Survivors Speak Out.” (@arjunsethi81)

With Eric Westervelt (@Ericnpr)

You might not know it from the craft brew pubs everywhere, but Americans are drinking more wine and spirits — slowly pushing aside beer. We’ll find out why.

“In general, quoting the scriptures is okay by me, but you should always quote it in context. Surrounding that particular passage is ‘owe nothing to any man except to love one another.” In the paragraph before, in Paul’s letter to the Romans, the end of chapter twelve, he says ‘practice hospitality.’ To my mind, there are gradations in law.

With Eric Westervelt (@Ericnpr)

The way forward for the Democratic Party. Jon Favreau’s popular new podcast, “The Wilderness,” explores how the Democrats lost their way and how to bounce back.

With Eric Westervelt (@Ericnpr)

The inside story behind the long quest to build an artificial human heart.

With Eric Westervelt

Celebrating 20 years of the groundbreaking album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”


Joan Morgan, author of “She Begat This: 20 Years of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” (@milfinainteasy)