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OZ Arts Nashville

An unusual take on the idea of a group art show is reappearing at this week’s OZ Arts Fest. Modular Art Pods offer festival-goers a trip through tiny, interconnected spaces, each its own art installation.

Emily Siner / WPLN

Country music superstar Dolly Parton gave a diplomatic response when CNNMoney asked her this week about North Carolina's controversial transgender bathroom law. She had just toured through the state, where they now require people to use the bathroom of their birth sex.

Mildred Jarrett

When Mildred Jarrett started her studies at Watkins College of Art and Design (or, as it was then known, Watkins Institute), she was considered too young to be in figure studies classes with nude models. When she graduated with her Associates Degree in Fine Art in 2001, she was a half-century older than her classmates.

Magnus Manske via Wikimedia Commons

A singer-songwriter is accusing pop star Justin Bieber and music producer Skrillex of stealing a vocal riff in Bieber's 2015 hit song "Sorry." Casey Dienel, who performs under the name White Hinterland, sued for copyright infringement this week in federal court in Nashville. 

Donn Jones for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Guy Clark is being remembered as one of Music City's most respected songwriters. He died Tuesday morning in Nashville.

Clark was successful as a songwriter but might be best remembered as a mentor: Generations of troubadours counted Clark as a major influence and called on him for advice at his Nashville home.

James DeMain

Brian Siskind is more artist than documentarian, but his latest pet project does a bit of both: exploring the essence of color and form as it captures for posterity some of old Nashville's vanishing landscape.

The Nashville Repertory Theater (formerly the Tennessee Rep) has announced a 2016-17 season that balances old favorites with new plays, and offers a mix of shows ranging from introspective drama to slapstick comedy.

Courtesy of Nashville Film Festival

Millions of people in China could be reading about Nashville in the coming days. That’s because the city is hosting eight Chinese delegates — entertainment executives who came here for the Nashville Film Festival. As it turns out, that’s big news overseas.

David Bailey / Nashville Ballet

The Nashville ballet takes on one of the most retold stories in the Islamic world, this weekend: Layla and the Majnun. It’s something of a coincidence that the company is premiering a dance based on a Middle Eastern legend in a political season full of talk about Islam in schools and Syrian refugees.

Photo courtesy of The Nashville Scene


Like so many of his friends and fans, I've spent the last week thinking about Jim Ridley, who died on April 8, at the age of 50.

While watching everyone post and talk and share stories about Jim, there was one particular passage of his own writing that kept coming up — a piece of a Bruce Springsteen concert review from 2014.