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Donald Trump

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Last Tuesday, outside a Nashville polling place, WPLN met two neighbors and close friends who happened to be on opposite sides of the political spectrum, at least this year. One was voting for Donald Trump. Another, a newly minted U.S. citizen, was casting his first presidential vote for Hillary Clinton.

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Congressman Jim Cooper is joining calls for President-elect Donald Trump to drop top advisor Steve Bannon from his leadership team.

The Nashville Democrat says Bannon's selection as Trump's chief strategist is a "terrible mistake" and describes Bannon a hate-monger and fear-monger who will make it harder for Trump to achieve his stated goal of reconciling Americans after a divisive election.

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Protests continued this weekend in Nashville, including a unity gathering in Centennial Park on Saturday and a march down Nolensville Pike on Sunday afternoon, where some 300 people held signs supporting illegal immigrants and other minorities. 

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As tensions flare over a Trump presidency, schools have become the front lines for some of the confrontations. This leaves administrators having to decide where the line is between expression and harassment. 

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Nineteen-year-old Maryam Fakhruddin went to bed on Election Night confident Hillary Clinton would be the country's next president.

"Because Obama was elected twice," she says, "so I thought, 'Hillary is going to win.' "

She woke up the next morning to a shock.

"'Trump won?'" she recalls thinking. "What does this mean now?'

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Gov. Bill Haslam says he's confident he'll have a good working relationship with President-elect Donald Trump's administration, even though Haslam didn't support Trump before the election.

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Donald Trump’s win in Tennessee was never in doubt. But even some of his supporters were cautious about his chances to take the White House. Now, they’re seriously considering what they want to see from the Trump presidency.

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Gov. Bill Haslam says he's confident the Tennessee Republican Party can heal the rifts that have emerged over Donald Trump.

Some lower-level party officials have condemned the governor for distancing himself from the GOP nominee.

Haslam broke with Trump amid the furor over a video that showed him bragging about groping women. The governor urged Trump to get out of the race and let his running mate take over.

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For Trump, it's a wine reception. For Clinton, it's a blue cocktail party.

As early voting begins today in Tennessee, women on both sides of the political aisle are hosting social gatherings to drum up enthusiasm for their candidates of choice, even as both presidential campaigns see the state as a sure win for Donald Trump.

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The 11-year-old video released Friday that caught Donald Trump on a hot mic has finally prompted Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam to weigh in on the presidential contest.