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Donald Trump

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Governor Bill Haslam is pushing back against a report that says he’s involved in the movement to stop Donald Trump from becoming the Republic nominee.

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As polls predicted, businessman Donald Trump trounced the competition in Tennessee with 39 percent of the vote on Super Tuesday.

“I voted for Donald Trump, even though I can’t see him being president," Donelson voter Judy Root said with a laugh. "But I think he’s the only one that can maybe get some things done.”

Root wasn't the only one a little surprised by her own decision.

Sara James, a stay-at-home mother of two who lives in Belle Meade, says she and her husband are active Trump supporters.

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called his stop in Nashville on Tuesday "one part political rally, one part prayer revival."

The swing through the South was meant to build momentum for his campaign as he nips at the heels of businessman Donald Trump and seeks to distance himself from Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

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Tennessee election officials finalized the ballot on Thursday for next year's presidential primaries. That means voters will have their pick of 14 Republicans and three Democrats.

But the options for the candidates themselves just got slimmer, especially for insurgents like Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders.

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Donald Trump is leading the Republican field in Tennessee, according to a new poll from Vanderbilt University.

Twenty-nine percent of Republicans say they would vote for Trump if the primary election were held today. That's 4 percentage points more than surgeon Ben Carson.

The New York businessman did best among Tea Party voters. He also performed well with non-Tea Party Republicans and born-again Christians, said Vanderbilt political scientist Josh Clinton.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich says he’s laying the groundwork to be competitive in Tennessee, while acknowledging his candidacy may not survive until the state’s primary. The second-term governor and former congressman made fundraising stops in Knoxville and Nashville Tuesday.

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Suzanne Ford hadn't planned to see Donald Trump speak this weekend. But when the Springfield, Illinois, woman heard the Republican frontrunner would be in Nashville at the same time she was visiting relatives, she couldn't pass up the chance.