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Realtors and home builders in Williamson County are pushing back against a proposed tax on new home construction. The plan aims to raise revenue for schools in the county—which is expected to double its population in the next 15 years.

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North Nashville has long been a center of artistic expression — from the Fisk Jubilee Singers in the 1860s to vast murals, painted in recent years, that span buildings and blocks.

But organizers of the Jefferson Street Art Crawl are hoping to get more of the city paying attention to an often overlooked creative scene.

affordable housing Nashville
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Affordable housing — it’s the subject Nashvillians cannot hide from in the past year, with widespread thinking that something should be done about rising prices and changing neighborhoods. Now, after months of study, several proposals are on paper and ready to be debated.

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North Nashville’s Jefferson Street got a blitz of attention this week when urban planning experts came to town to help residents envision a revitalized future for the corridor. That task, though, is complicated by its past.

Neuhoff slaughterhouse Nashville
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The brick building on the edge of the Cumberland River has been described as a dilapidated castle. And to some, it looks haunted. But the old Neuhoff slaughterhouse is getting a fresh round of attention this summer for possible redevelopment.

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It has been a big year for home sales, and June was the biggest month so far. And the median home price set a record, topping $260,000 dollars. 

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The Metro Planning Commission signed off Thursday night on 40-story twin towers that could become the most prominent building in Nashville. The intense debate focused on the shape of the skyline itself.

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It's official: traffic in Nashville has hit life-altering stage. And WPLN wants traffic tales.

Nashville skyline changes
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Nashville’s skyline is already full of tower cranes, but another flurry of proposals could further reshape the silhouette of downtown. At least a half-dozen projects measure in at 25 stories or taller.

downtown Nashville crane construction
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If you wonder just how much construction is going on in Nashville, here’s a dollar figure: The city is on pace for $3.7 billion in new homes, high rises, and hotels this year.