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LifeWay Capitol View
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A large development in downtown Nashville has officials wondering whether the city has sufficient rules to protect green space. The question came up Tuesday night as the Metro Council finalized a $4.5 million deal related to the new headquarters for LifeWay publishing.

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Over the next several months, traffic consultants will be scouring the roads of Nashville, trying to calculate how many people are using about 550 intersections at different times of the day.

It’s part of a $2.2 million project by Metro Nashville Public Works to optimize the timing of traffic signals along 19 major corridors by the end of the year. 

Charlotte Avenue nashville
Urban Land Institute

In some respects, Nashville’s Charlotte Avenue is a prime example of what not to do to create a walkable, vibrant corridor. That’s the message delivered in a yearlong study by researchers with the Urban Land Institute.  The group has ideas to guide the street’s growth and rapid transformation, perhaps as a template to use citywide.

Madison Mill Sylvan Park Nashville
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A group of Nashville residents and a large-scale developer must try once more to compromise on a hotly contested mixed-use project.

Music Row Plan
Historic Nashville Inc.

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What will it take to balance rapid growth and historic preservation along Nashville’s Music Row? The answer could be an uncommon policy that allows some buildings to be very large — but only if their developers pay to protect smaller recording studios and home offices.

Waverly Belmont Nashville neighborhood overlay
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Despite some ongoing disagreements, Nashville's Waverly-Belmont neighborhood moved one step closer Thursday to protecting its historic character with new restrictions.

Metro’s Planning Commission voted in favor of a 152-acre conservation overlay that would limit new home construction — and demolitions.

Whites Creek subdivision
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After half a year of preparation, a vote was delayed again on Thursday night on the future of development in Whites Creek. Residents have been debating housing density and will hold another meeting for more discussion.

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Nashville’s new mayor wants downtown developers to consider the growing need for daycare in the central business district. Just two childcare centers exist in the core of the city where 57,000 people now work, up from 46,000 in 2008.

Inglewood overlay Nashville
Metro Historical Zoning Commission

In the coming months, debate about development in Nashville will be stirred up by two Nashville neighborhoods that want to protect their historic character. If approved, parts of Inglewood and the Waverly-Belmont area would get neighborhood overlays that govern homebuilding.

MDHA 10th Jefferson Nashville housing

Nashville’s public housing agency broke ground today on a 54-unit apartment building. It will offer low rents for families that earn around the median income.