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library mobile wifi hotspot
Spring Hill Library

Libraries have become more than repositories for books, with some of the largest in the country allowing patrons to essentially check out Internet service. They do it by lending out little black mobile Wi-Fi hotspots that use cellular connections. And little Spring Hill, Tennessee, has joined the likes of Chicago, Seattle and New York City as an early adopter.

Emil Moffatt/WPLN

If you make the drive in from Franklin or Murfreesboro in the morning, there’s a decent chance you sit in traffic at some point. 

Some people commuting from Wilson County fight gridlock too, but they also have an option no one else in the region does — the Music City Star.

"Ah, this is the only way to go. I mean, as we're riding by traffic backed up on the highway, we're thinking this is fantastic," said rider Neil Murphy.

Nashville neighborhood conservation overlay
Metro Historical Commission

A Nashville neighborhood took a step forward Wednesday to officially protect its historic character. The Metro Historical Zoning Commission recommended approval of a neighborhood conservation overlay for Waverly-Belmont. But the idea isn’t without controversy and awaits two more votes.

affordable housing Nashville
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

Nashville’s latest effort to create affordable housing will give about $2 million in grants to four non-profit housing development groups. 

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It’s early on a Tuesday night at the Tin Angel on West End, well before any dinner rush. The candles are lit, the white linen napkins are folded, and Heather Malm is bringing a bottle of pinot noir to her first table of the night.

Blake Farmer / WPLN

Census numbers confirm what anybody can see: People are flocking to Nashville. What the figures do not show, however, is many are moving to town without a job lined up in advance.

Lindsay Gallagher has lived in Nashville for two years. Since arriving, she’s been a tanning salon attendant, waitress, babysitter, dog-walker, and a nanny. Now she’s a part-time personal assistant and freelance artist, doing graphic design or chalk art for shops and baby showers.

RTA transit

Beyond Nashville’s border, the regional transportation system has not kept up with demand and could fall further behind as the population grows, according to a new transit study.

The issues holding back transit through the 10-county region, according to the "State of the RTA System" report, are lack of frequency of regional train and bus service, the inability of "express" buses to move faster than traffic, and the inconvenience and lack of awareness of Park-and-Ride lots for commuters and carpoolers.


The rural feel of Whites Creek remains in limbo in northern Davidson County, where city planners are debating how dense new housing can be. A large contingent of residents prefer large lots, farms, and uninterrupted rolling hills. But several landowners want to build subdivisions.

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Nashville’s commercial real estate market is moving at such a clip that it may require a map to understand the cumulative impact.

Nashville bus MTA
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

The most in-depth study of Nashville’s transit system in recent years has arrived, and it paints a detailed picture of why the city is struggling to get a growing population where they want to go.