91Classical Radio Fest — Friday, September 8 | Nashville Public Radio

91Classical Radio Fest — Friday, September 8

Nashville Public Radio's classical service has been going through some quiet changes. Now it's time for a new name: 91Classical.

Our new identity recognizes what careful listeners may have already noticed:

  • We're playing more local classical music than ever before both in the form of live, in-studio performances and recordings by Nashville ensembles, soloists and composers.
  • We're playing a greater variety of music, pulling from the entire classical repertoire.
  • We're also providing an increasing amount of additional context online to help our audience enjoy the rich tradition of classical music and connect with the music-makers in our own community.
To celebrate, we're inviting you to tune in for our first ever radio-only classical music festival!

91Classical Radio Fest will be a celebration of the music Nashvillians make and the music Nashvillians love. From 9 am to 5 pm on Friday, September 8, every broadcast hour will begin with live, in-studio performances by Midstate chamber musicians.

Friday, September 8

9:00 am: Nolan Harvel, classical guitar

10:00 am: Christina McGann, Michael Samis and Megan Gale, piano trio

11:00 am: Chatterbird Contemporary Ensemble

12:00 pm Patricia Halbeck and Jan Carrothers, piano four hands

1:00 pm: Music City Baroque, featuring Patrick Dailey, countertenor

2:00 pm: Blair String Quartet

3:00 pm: Music City Horn Quartet

4:00 pm: Early Music City

5:00 pm: Robert Marler, piano

We're also inviting our listeners to participate by telling us what music they love and why they love it. Call (615)543-6886 to leave a message we can use on the air and online during Radio Fest.

Grand Finale — The Nashville Symphony Live Saturday, September 9

Then on the evening of Saturday, September 9, the festival concludes in gala fashion with a live broadcast of the Nashville Symphony under the direction of legendary film composer John Williams.

All of it can be heard on the radio at 91.1 FM and as streaming audio on our website and the Nashville Public Radio app.

There are a limited number of seats available to enjoy Friday's final live performance in Studio C, featuring pianist Robert Marler. Please RSVP here if you'd like to attend.

At the heart of these changes, our mission remains the same: to make classical music available and accessible to all Nashvillians.