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A selection of arts events that caught our eye in Nashville this week.

Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

A white Nashville officer is under intense scrutiny after fatally shooting a black man while he was fleeing, allegedly with a gun.

Now, as Officer Andrew Delke faces a homicide charge, one Vanderbilt doctoral candidate has crunched more than a year of his traffic stop data, which suggests some trends in his style of policing.

Julieta Martinelli / WPLN

With days until his scheduled execution, two jurors who condemned Edmund Zagorski to death say the convicted murderer's life should be spared.

Blake Farmer / WPLN

In an operating room, there's the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, a surgical tech and a scrub nurse. And in many procedures that involve an implanted medical device, there's often someone else standing quietly along the back wall — a sales representative working on commission for the maker of artificial joints or bone screws.

With the exponential growth of procedures like total hip and knee replacements, their presence is under new scrutiny.

Curtesy of Tennessee State University Newsroom

A new study from Middle Tennessee State University suggests members of women’s basketball teams at historically black colleges and universities are disproportionately penalized.

Bill Lee for Tennessee/Karl Dean for Governor

Democrat Karl Dean is banking on Medicaid expansion as his winning issue in Tennessee's race for governor, while Republican Bill Lee claims the plan would be detrimental. The opposing views represent the sharpest divide between the candidates.

The Stones River Chamber Players brought two highlights from their 2018-2019 season, titled, "The American Chamber." This ensemble in residence at MTSU is spending the season highlighting music by American composers.

Courtesy The White House

The looming vote on Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court has been a growing political issue.

But rather than sway Tennesseans, the debate surrounding whether Kavanaugh committed sexual assault when he was a teenager seems to be causing people to dig in their heels.

Sergio Martínez-Beltrán / WPLN

If you ask Dan Pomeroy how he feels about the new Tennessee State Museum, you can immediately see how excited he gets.

Pomeroy is the chief curator of the museum, a project funded mostly through $120 million appropriated by the state legislature. After two and a half years of construction next to the Nashville Farmers' Market, the new standalone building will finally open its doors to the public Thursday.

File photo / WPLN

Former Sgt. Robert Forrest, a 31-year police force veteran, will have his city pension reduced after the Metro Benefits Board recalculated his earnings. It's one of the punishments that has been finalized following the extramarital affair between Nashville’s former mayor and the head of her security detail. 


Neighbors: The Distressed Comedian

A stand-up comedian's inauguration-day tweet led to death threats. Fearing for his life he uprooted from New York to settle in Tennessee, but that’s only a fraction of Stephen’s story.

The Latest from 91Classical

The Tennessee State University Meistersingers and student soloists gave a musical preview of the songs and spirituals one could find at TSU's Harry T. Burleigh Festival.

When asked to estimate how many times he has performed Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 in C min, Op. 37, Yefim Bronfman leaned back, sighed, and guessed, "Oh... surely at least 100 times."

A selection of arts events that caught our eye in Nashville this week.

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