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East Tennessee Rep. Jeremy Faison Elected Chair Of The House Republican Caucus

On the eve of the election of a new House speaker, Republican lawmakers chose to Rep. Jeremy Faison as the new caucus chairman.

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Before Councilman John Cooper ran for mayor of Nashville, he was a perennial thorn in the side of Metro government, giving a hard no to a number of the city’s high-profile development plans and openly criticizing many Metro agencies.

It turns out all that naysaying resonated with the voters.

Cooper came out ahead of incumbent Mayor David Briley in 85% of the city’s precincts, according to voter analysis by WPLN. Cooper’s success was, in part, his ability to channel residents’ frustration with the state of neighborhoods.

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An East Tennessee man sentenced to death has opted for electrocution over lethal injection.

Stephen West is scheduled to be executed on Thursday. He would be the third person put to death in Tennessee's electric chair in the past year.

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Saint Thomas officials started construction this week on a 76-bed psychiatric hospital, which is their first in Nashville.

It's a rare partnership with a for-profit operator to run the facility — Acadia Healthcare — but they say patients will barely notice the difference.

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A new report published Tuesday by the Safe Tennessee Project finds that gun deaths are on the rise in Tennessee and outpace the national average. The gun-control advocacy group says the state’s lenient gun laws could be partially to blame.

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Young people in Nashville who are considered homeless can now get help paying rent for a couple of years. The city has decided to use a federal grant for rental assistance, rather than building new affordable housing.

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A two-day hearing on a bill that would essentially ban all abortions in Tennessee ended with high tensions and complaints about a lack of diversity in the witness list.

Out of 21 people who talked about the measure, only one was an African American woman.


Comedians are used to being the funniest people in the room, but that doesn't mean they're the happiest.

DJ Pryor knows all about using stand-up comedy to process the stresses of life — whether it's growing up as the child of a teenage mother, losing loved ones or working menial jobs at Walmart.

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Beginning this fall, Nashville will be marking the approaching centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

Caroline Bowman

Get to know one of our Student Composer Fellowship mentors through these six questions.

courtyard garden downtown Nashville
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If there’s an unexpected place to find a courtyard garden in Nashville, it’s along First Avenue in downtown. Despite the riverfront access, this is a gritty street with the sensibility of an alley — where businesses have packages delivered and where a row of touristy bars keep their smelly trash cans.

No one really spends much time back there.


Ken Burns' 'Country Music' Episode 1 Live Viewing Party: Sept. 15

Country Music is an eight-episode, 16-hour documentary giving viewers a deep look into country music history.

Join us for an evening of merriment, fascinating interviews and the best true stories you've heard all year.

Get Informed: Nashville Elections 2019

The runoff election in Nashville is Sept. 12. Voters will decide the next mayor between two finalists.

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Roughly a century before Tennessee secured the right to vote for American women, across the Atlantic a woman was born who would quietly make a huge mark on the world of music.

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Kirsten Agresta-Copely has played Carnegie Hall and the Tonight Show. She plays with the New York Pops, for tea at the St. Regis, and then makes her way back to Nashville to teach at Vanderbilt. And this week she brought some of her favorite covers to Live in Studio C.

Kara McLeland / 91Classical

Get to know one of our Student Composer Fellowship Mentors with these six questions.

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