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southern magnolia Nashville
Blake Farmer / WPLN

Curious Nashville: A Question About Magnolia Trees Can Tell You A Lot About The City

Look around Nashville and they’re hard to miss: Magnolia trees grace the Nashville City Cemetery, Vanderbilt and Belmont universities, Sevier and Centennial parks, and the grounds of the Hermitage, Grassmere and Glen Leven Farm.

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Brian Latimer

Country music power couple Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks received stars on the city’s walk of fame on Thursday. The two also surprised outgoing mayor Karl Dean with his own star — a gesture neither the attendees, nor the mayor, knew was planned.

"Me and Miss Yearwood will remember this day forever because we went in with Elvis Presley mayor over here, right? The only name on this thing that is a rock star and can also balance a budget," he said.

Nashville's Mayoral Runoff 2015: Live Updates

Sep 10, 2015
Barry and Fox Campaigns

Megan Barry has been elected and will be the first woman mayor of Nashville when she’s sworn in on Sept. 25.

Blake Farmer / WPLN

Both candidates in Nashville’s mayoral runoff spent much of Election Day at the same place — the Cathedral of Praise. In the parking lot, they waved signs and shook hands with voters, though not with each other.

Their simultaneous presence solidified North Nashville's African-American community as the most contested battleground of the race.

Stephen Jerkins / WPLN (File photo)

A West Tennessee lawmaker says he will try to force revisions to the state's social studies standards, amid complaints that too much attention is being given to Islam.

Mack Linebaugh / WPLN

It's not hard in Nashville to find people who love discovering new music. Those people surely covet the job of Ann Powers. She's a music critic for NPR — that's national public radio, not Nashville — who highlights talented bands for a very large audience. She talked to WPLN's Emily Siner in our live series Movers & Thinkers about the influence of her discoveries.

MNPS via Instagram

The Metro school board will pay a Chicago-based superintendent search firm the full $45,000 fee, despite failing to have a new director in place. Wednesday night, board member Will Pinkston suggested the district shouldn't pay the remaining half that was owed since Mike Looney turned down the job in July and stayed in Williamson County.

Nashville immigrants toolkit TIRRC
Mayor's Office of New Americans

Some of Nashville’s undocumented immigrants will get help avoiding deportation in a new effort by the Metro government. The city took a rare step Wednesday to make it as easy as possible for immigrants to collect official documents.

Ross Harmes / via Flickr

What appears to be a battle over an inappropriate book is really the latest skirmish in Nashville’s running feud over privately-operated, publicly-funded charter schools. 

Ian Muttoo / via Flickr

Nashville area home sales increased by double digits last month — the fourth time that’s happened this year. But the seasonal downshift appears to be underway. Closings are up nearly 17 percent over last year, but down slightly from the previous two months.

Nashville mayor race
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

In Nashville’s mayor’s race — a virtual tie, according to polling — both campaigns have gone decidedly negative in their advertising. Even if the tactic bothers some voters, they’ve encountered new attacks almost every day, especially since candidates Megan Barry and David Fox saved their most aggressive messages for the runoff.


Neighbors: The Hero's Journey

In this episode: Will four middle school heroes rescue a town in crisis from the vicious tigralligator? We go deep into their elaborate roll-playing game.

The Latest from 91Classical

The Headmaster's Chorus from Montgomery Bell Academy brought music from the fall plus some holiday cheer to Studio C.

Each year, we broadcast 3,300 hours of locally programmed and hosted classical music. By the year's end, we will have hosted 50 performances from Midstate chamber musicians on Live in Studio C.

We also broadcast roughly 150 full-length concerts and operas each year. That includes nearly twenty from Music City's own Nashville Symphony and Nashville Opera, plus great performances from around the nation by way of The Metropolitan Opera, the New York Philharmonic and SymphonyCast. 

We celebrated 20 years of Live in Studio C with our second annual Radio Fest. The whole day was full of local music, including 8 episodes of Live in Studio C - one every hour.

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