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Haslam Puts Tennessee Execution On Hold For 10 Days

Updated 10:30 p.m. The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a challenge of Tennessee’s lethal injection protocol and lifted a stay of execution ordered by a lower court because of inadequate counsel. The move clears the way for the execution of Edmund Zagorski, who was scheduled to die Thursday night.

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Chas Sisk / WPLN

The monthly Bill Goodman Gun & Knife Show at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds has just about everything a weapons collector could want: Handguns and high-powered rifles, tomahawks and tasers – in colors that range from survivalist camo to hot pink.

But perhaps the most surprising find is at the table of dealer Eva Simmons: a 1970s-era switchblade, the kind with a black-and-silver handle and a curlicue guard. These were illegal in Tennessee until recently.

Justin Ochs

Justin Ochs, a businessman from Hendersonville, Tenn., is a pretty smooth talking guy. But when you get him in front of a crowd of people, his voice becomes mesmerizing.

Ochs was the winner of the 2012 International Auctioneer Championship. WPLN’s Emily Siner talked to him about what he’s really saying up there — and how he gets the bids rising.

Photos: A Visual Tour Of United Record Pressing

Jun 4, 2013
Stephen Jerkins

Located in Nashville, United Record Pressing is one of the largest and oldest continually operating vinyl record pressing plants in the US.

It's current location — on Chestnut Street, near Greer Stadium — opened in 1962, when segregation made it difficult for visiting Motown artists to find lodging. So, the pressing plant provided an on-site apartment that still exists today as a pristine time capsule of a bygone era.

Transitioned: Keeping My Calluses

Jul 23, 2011
Kim Green / WPLN

Fifty-three-year-old Alison Prestwood leads a double life. She’s a newly-minted lawyer and a veteran bass sideman who has loved making music for as long as she can remember.

She recalls a photo taken of her when she was a toddler. “I’ve got on this crazy majorette outfit, you know, my hat is askew and I think I’ve got a black eye,” she says. “But I’ve got a little guitar in my hand, and so I know that for whatever reason, guitar was just it for me from nearly day one.”

Transitioned: ":Fear Not"

Apr 13, 2011
Kim Green


The economy’s not just in a downturn. It’s in transition. The rules of the game are changing, industries are transforming, and many jobs don’t feel so secure anymore. This spring, WPLN’s Kim Green is collecting stories of Tennesseans who are learning to survive and adapt to an uncertain marketplace, and an economy in flux.

Two years ago, Ann Jetton lost her job with a contractor that serves mortgage companies. She’d been working at one company or another for more than 36 years. Her first job was cleaning houses with her mother during summer breaks. In high school, she worked at Steak ‘n’ Shake.

Transitioned: Nobody Can Survive Without Backup

Mar 22, 2011

Two years ago, with unemployment on the rise, Rachel Agee was grateful to have a job. She worked at a law firm, producing training videos, including ones about, ironically, how to properly fire someone. “Pretty much everything that the training video tells you to do, yeah, that didn’t happen,” says Agee.

The company terminated her, without warning, in February of 2009. “The first thought that popped into my head,” she says, “was ‘Oh god, how am I going to pay my mortgage?'”


Neighbors: The Distressed Comedian

A stand-up comedian's inauguration-day tweet led to death threats. Fearing for his life he uprooted from New York to settle in Tennessee, but that’s only a fraction of Stephen’s story.

The Latest from 91Classical

The Tennessee State University Meistersingers and student soloists gave a musical preview of the songs and spirituals one could find at TSU's Harry T. Burleigh Festival.

When asked to estimate how many times he has performed Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 in C min, Op. 37, Yefim Bronfman leaned back, sighed, and guessed, "Oh... surely at least 100 times."

A selection of arts events that caught our eye in Nashville this week.

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