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Board Of Directors

Here's a list of board members and meeting dates:


William F. Carpenter, III (Chair)
Lauren Brisky (Vice-Chair)
Claire Gulmi (Finance Committee Chair)
Beth Seigenthaler Courtney (Governance Chair)


Richard Abramson
Samar Ali
Lauren Brisky

Martin S. Brown, Jr.
Barbara Chazen
Donna Eskind
Rob Gordon
Lucy Haynes
Angela Humphreys
Elissa Kim
Andrew Kintz
Carol Kirshner
Paula Lovell
Jeff McGruder
Patricia C. Meadows
Alice Rolli
Curt Thorne
Don Williamson
Betsy Wills

Board Intern:
Kirk Graves


Board Meetings 

All meetings are held at Nashville Public Radio and are open to the public. Please contact us for more information if you would like to attend one of these meetings.

2019 Nashville Public Radio Board Meeting Calendar:

February 26
April 1 - Special Closed Board Meeting  personnel matters
April 30
June 25
August 27
October 29
December 17