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Gentle introspection at the piano from composer Cristina Spinei marked the midpoint of Local Composers Month. A change from her usual energetic fare meant for dancing, each piece brought a feeling of calm and stillness.

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Former Governor Bill Haslam knew he could win the U.S. Senate seat.

At least that’s what internal polls told him. But the position would have been different from what he’s been used to, first as mayor of Knoxville and then as governor of Tennessee.

Nashville mayor's race 2019
WPLN Staff

In the Nashville mayor’s race, multiple claims made by candidates on their campaign websites rely on inaccurate statistics or arrive at simplistic conclusions.

WPLN reporters recently reviewed the leading candidates’ websites, finding varying degrees of problematic information from Mayor David Briley, state Rep. John Ray Clemmons, Councilman John Cooper and retired professor Carol Swain.

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The Nashville Community Bail Fund asked a panel of judges yesterday to reconsider an order that would jeopardize the group’s ability to function.

The nonprofit has had special permission to post bail for those who can’t afford it. But the group is now facing pushback from the Court.

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The long-running live series "Music City Roots" has been without a home for nearly two years, but a new project promises to both revive the show and help with the renaissance of a Nashville neighborhood. 

The show was suspended last year after a downtown deal fell through, but organizers expect it to be up and running again after an ambitious new venue is finished in Madison. 

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Cancer treatment has never been cheap. But in the pricey world of pharmaceuticals, the cost of oncology drugs has become jaw-dropping. And where there are big dollars, there is a battle between business interests, which is why cancer doctors are declaring war against pharmacy benefit managers.

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There’s a new push to restore voting rights to felons in Tennessee. Several states, including Florida and New York, have recently expanded enfranchisement to convicted felons.

Local politicians and activists say felon enfranchisement is an especially important issue in Tennessee.

Nashville Public Radio presents Podcast Party — an evening where your favorite local podcasts and radio shows step out of your earbuds and onto the stage. It's a public radio variety show, live! 

Nashville electric scooter
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Dockless electric scooters will remain in Nashville, but with fewer allowed and tighter rules in effect for the next few months.

Photo courtesy of the artist

In celebration of 91Classical's Local Composers Month, we posed six questions to some of Nashville's classical music creators. Gary Powell Nash, who teaches at Fisk University and draws from a rich variety of sources of inspiration for his own work, is our featured composer this week. 

How would you describe your compositional style? 

Neo-Romantic, bordering on Avant Garde.

What do you love about being a composer in Nashville?