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Anna Butrico

Anna Butrico was an intern at Nashville Public Radio during summer 2016.

Edge Planning

There was no decision at last night's Metro Council meeting on the expansion of Fontanel, where owners want to add a hotel and meeting space to the forested music venue.

It's one of the most visible skirmishes over maintaining the rural character in parts of Davidson County. Council members asked for more time so that amendments can be added to address concerns about outdoor lighting and the fate of an archaeological site. 

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As construction booms in Nashville, there’s a looming concern about a worker shortage. The industry has been working with high schoolers to get them excited about the prospect of a career on the job site. A group of students has just returned home from a week-long camp at MTSU.

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Every bus route in the Metro School district will have a driver on the first day of school. This is a major improvement from last year, when Metro’s transportation system was one of the nation’s most understaffed. 

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The housing market in the Nashville area is approaching never-before-seen levels. And that has created a spike in sellers that are bypassing real estate agents. But some are questioning their decision to post a “for sale by owner” sign in the yard.

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Vanderbilt University is — again — having to defend the comments of one of its most outspoken professors. This time, Carol Swain came out against the Black Lives Matter movement on CNN

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Photographers from Google will be in Nashville for the next few weeks, putting local businesses on the map. Nearly a decade ago, the company started taking pictures from the road for its Street View technology. In recent years, Google has been taking cameras inside — but only where they're invited. 

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This question was submitted to Curious Nashville by DeWayne Holman:


Why doesn't Nashville have buildings taller than 615 feet when smaller cities have them?

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It has been a big year for home sales, and June was the biggest month so far. And the median home price set a record, topping $260,000 dollars. 

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Nashville’s new superintendent has less than a month before school starts, and in his first week on the job, Shawn Joseph says he's concentrating on the most basic services of a school system.

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Vanderbilt’s substantial lift in its minimum wage goes into effect October 1, and employees on campus are realizing the 15% increase and additional paid time off will only benefit a small portion of campus workers.