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Colleen Phelps


Colleen Phelps is the host of Live in Studio C on 91Classical and the and Keeping Score podcast. The percussionist and singer was a founding member of award-winning chamber music ensemble Sound Riot and has recorded an album of new music for marimba, dedicated to recently born zoo animals. She is also a faculty member at Nashville State Community College.

Duo Sudeste warmed up Studio C on a cold, rainy November day.

The Violins of Hope took residence in Nashville in early 2018. For months, they were displayed, discussed, and even played.

To build our Radio Fest playlist we asked some Nashville musicians and music lovers which piece of classical music they would play for someone who has never heard classical music before.

To mark the centennial of the WWI armistice, pianist Craig Nies brought music by Maurice Ravel.

Courtesy of the Nashville Ballet

Nashville’s role in the women’s suffrage movement has been turned into a ballet. The new piece 72 Steps highlights a specific moment that was pivotal to women getting the right to vote.

There's an unspoken rule in classical music that 5th symphonies are not to be taken lightly.

Even though democratic elections were not all that common during the time of Beethoven or Bach, music has never shied away from politics. Throughout music history, this commentary has been both friendly and fiery. From tribute to finger-wagging, here is a playlist to accompany your vote.

A collection of events from the Arts Calendar that caught our eye this week.

We're celebrating 20 years of Live in Studio C with live performances every hour from 9-5 on November 9.

Opera on Tap generally performs in bars and breweries around Nashville. But they brought the drama and angst of opera combined with their trademark sense of humor to Studio C.