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Colleen Phelps


Colleen Phelps is the host of Live in Studio C on 91Classical and the and Keeping Score podcast. The percussionist and singer was a founding member of award-winning chamber music ensemble Sound Riot and has recorded an album of new music for marimba, dedicated to recently born zoo animals. She is also a faculty member at Nashville State Community College.

Voice, strings and piano combined to take listeners on a world tour in this program from Jeffrey Williams and friends.

A selection of events from the Arts Calendar that caught our eye this week.

Not every instrument you hear on 91Classical can be found in the orchestra.

Kara McLeland / Nashville Public Radio

Poet Caroline Randall Williams, along with co-composers and multi-instrumentalists Rhiannon Giddens and Francesco Turrisi, brought a preview of Nashville Ballet's new commission Lucy Negro Redux.

Rebecca Bauer / Gateway Chamber Orchestra

A selection of events from the Arts Calendar that caught our eye this week.

While we didn't have a glass armonica in Studio C, we did hear music written for one. Roger Wiesmeyer and friends from Mozart in Nashville brought a preview of their annual Mozart Birthday Concert.

A selection of events from our Arts Calendar that caught our eye this week.

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Now that we're a few days into the new year, are you holding steady with your resolution? Here's some classical music to help you as your determination begins to fade.

Other World Network: concept by Jamie Whitlow and AnnaLee Kelly, rendering by Chris Strachan

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Kwanzaa Nashville has events for every night, and principle, of Kwanzaa.