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Emily Siner

News Director & Host

Emily Siner is the news director at Nashville Public Radio and host of the Movers & Thinkers podcast. She also reports on a wide range of topics, including higher education, science and veterans. She's traveled around Tennessee to tell national news stories for NPR and Marketplace.

Emily began at the station in 2014 as an enterprise reporter. She soon launched the station's first podcast and has since helped the station develop a whole fleet of shows with live events. She became the newsroom's assistant news director in 2016 and news director in 2017.  She has been named the Associated Press Radio Journalist of the Year and has received three regional Edward R. Murrow Awards for her reporting.

Emily is passionate about storytelling on all platforms and spoke at TEDxNashville in 2015 about the station's efforts to share audio online. Before joining the news staff at WPLN, Emily worked in print and online journalism at the Los Angeles Times and NPR. She was born and raised in the Chicago area, so she's not intimidated by Nashville winters. Emily is a proud graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Tennessee Department of Transportation

Crews have begun cleaning up the mudslide that's closed a section of Interstate 24 on the north side of Nashville. But the Department of Transportation estimates that it could be a week or more before the road reopens.

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A Supreme Court decision in the 1980s known as Tennessee v. Garner is back in the public eye. It came up during the court proceedings for Nashville police officer Andrew Delke, who this week pleaded not guilty to  a first-degree murder charge for a fatal shooting in July. 

Nashville recycling
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

From plastic straws to old lightbulbs and shredded paper, it’s not always obvious what can be recycled through Nashville’s curbside program.

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Unlike most New Testament experts, Vanderbilt Divinity School professor Amy-Jill Levine is Jewish.

Her lessons are sprinkled with Yiddish phrases, and she attends an Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Nashville. That's given her a unique perspective on Judaism and Christianity — two religions that have diverged from the same source, took different interpretations of similar texts and collided repeatedly throughout history.

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There's a story Amy-Jill Levine tells often, in response to a question she's asked often. How on earth did a Jewish woman become an expert in the New Testament?

It all started, as so many stories do, on the school bus. When Amy-Jill was 7, a classmate said to her, 'You killed our Lord.'

Emily: So what happened after that?

AP Awards: Radio Anchor

Jan 25, 2019