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Updated 4 p.m.:

Fuel retailers in Tennessee are working with federal authorities on contingency plans to get gasoline to drivers. But right now, they’re only contingency plans.

A deadly explosion Monday night on the Colonial Pipeline has shut off gas to Middle Tennessee for the rest of the week.

The Tennessee Fuel and Convenience Store Association says there should be plenty of fuel available to restock pumps in the southeast, as long as drivers don’t rush the pumps.

"Our goal is to be prepared to handle the logistical challenges of bringing-in enough fuel to make-up the difference while the Colonial Pipeline 1 is closed," said the association's Emily LeRoy.

Updated 3 p.m.:

Colonial Pipeline says its pipeline carrying diesel and jet fuel has restarted. But its primary gas line is expected to be down the rest of the week.


Friday night, Christ Presbyterian Academy will face Whites Creek High School in a football game that marks the end of the regular season and the beginning of a new era in Tennessee athletics.

Nashville Public Library

In its ongoing effort to chronicle the local music scene, the Nashville Public Library announced this week it has launched a streaming website, becoming the fourth library system in the nation to set up such a service.

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Country legend Garth Brooks has done something no artist has done before: He's had seven albums become diamond certified by the Recording Industry Association of America. That means that each of those seven albums has sold over 10 million copies.

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This week in Nashville the Americana Music Association is holding its annual festival and conference.

Americana is a wide ranging roots music genre. But sometimes it gets narrowly defined by those who buy into an emerging stereotype - the hipster musician wearing suspenders, clutching a banjo.

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At the Greene County Fair in northeast Tennessee, three girls were injured after an apparent mechanical failure caused them to fall from a ferris wheel. And last week, eight people were hurt in Memphis after a ride operator prematurely released their safety restraints.

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On Friday morning, a Murfreesboro radio station will stop playing jazz and start playing a musical genre with deep roots but a short history.

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This summer, Tennessee has seen flooding in the northern part of the state and extreme drought in the South. Within the same week the U.S. Small Business Administration announced it was offering disaster loans for victims of both dry and wet conditions.

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It’s been a hot summer in Nashville. Not record-setting hot, but above average, and the area did tie an unusual record as of Thursday night.


Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson has decommissioned an officer from the Hermitage Precinct after a Facebook post regarding the shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota.