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This week the Metro Planning Department published the latest version of a plan meant to preserve Music Row.


It’s the culmination of a two-year project that was born following the near-demolition of Historic RCA Studio A and resulted in a temporary ban on tear-downs in the neighborhood.

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Fans and supporters of longtime Lady Vols head coach Pat Summitt were expecting the announcement of her death, and it came early Tuesday morning. Her family had told media that her health had been rapidly failing. By Monday night, she was no longer seeing visitors.

Gary Glenn / Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans have hired new staff, brought in new players and mounted a major marketing push. It's all in hopes of reviving interest in — what is supposed to be — Nashville's favorite football team.  


The question is - is it working?

Donn Jones for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Guy Clark is being remembered as one of Music City's most respected songwriters. He died Tuesday morning in Nashville.

Clark was successful as a songwriter but might be best remembered as a mentor: Generations of troubadours counted Clark as a major influence and called on him for advice at his Nashville home.

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Murfreesboro police still have not said why as many as 10 children were arrested at Hobgood Elementary School on Friday, citing state law that prohibits the release of juvenile records. Parents say they have been told the charges came because the students did not intervene in a fight that happened off campus.

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Like so many of his friends and fans, I've spent the last week thinking about Jim Ridley, who died on April 8, at the age of 50.

While watching everyone post and talk and share stories about Jim, there was one particular passage of his own writing that kept coming up — a piece of a Bruce Springsteen concert review from 2014.