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Contrary to Democrats, Republicans in the Tennessee General Assembly have resisted for years the idea of expanding the state's Medicaid program, also known as TennCare.

They repeatedly blocked Gov. Bill Haslam's efforts to expand coverage.

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Marijuana is, once again, taking center stage in the Tennessee legislature.

Republicans have filed bills this year that would allow for medical marijuana. And Democrats have introduced measures that could decriminalize it all together.

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Randy McNally is starting his third year as speaker of the Tennessee Senate.

He’s already weighed in on issues such as abortion, Nashville's Community Oversight Board and closing primaries in Tennessee. He says he wants to make sure that the bills that are passed are constitutional and good for the state.

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A pioneering guitarist who played on hundreds of hits and helped lay the foundation for Nashville’s music business has died.

Harold Bradley passed away in his sleep Thursday morning in Nashville at the age of 93.

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Hundreds of bills have already been filed in the Tennessee General Assembly and the House is only one week in while the Senate is just set to begin.

Now committees will start discussing the measures.

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Reggie Young, who died last week at 82, played on hundreds of hits including some late-career favorites by the most famous singer to ever come from Memphis: Elvis Presley. 

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Nashville’s Metro Council has started interviewing the group of more than 150 nominees who want to serve on the city’s new police oversight board.

Even before that group begins its work, the selection process itself has been closely watched.

Officer Andrew Delke
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This week, Nashville moved a step closer to a seeing a police officer stand trial in a homicide case. If Andrew Delke is convicted, it would be the first time for actions by an on-duty Metro officer.

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For the first time in 30 years, Tennessee will start a legislative session without Republican Rep. Beth Harwell.

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The most commercially successful music to come out of Nashville this year mainly sounded like a male voice in a mainstream country song. But for those who listened a little more closely to the sounds of the city, there were creative country women making music off the charts while surprising scenes in other genres were popping up far away from Music Row.