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Criminal Justice Reporter

Samantha Max covers criminal justice for WPLN as a Report for America corps member. This is her second year with Report for America: She spent her first year in Macon, Ga., covering health and inequity for The Telegraph and 

Previously, she was an investigative reporting intern for the Medill Justice Project and a bilingual multimedia news intern at Hoy, Chicago Tribune’s Spanish-language daily. She returned to her hometown of Baltimore in 2015 and again in 2016 to work as a newsroom intern for NPR-affiliate WYPR.


Samantha Max / WPLN

More than 3,000 workers at the General Motors plant in Spring Hill are no longer covered by their employee health insurance.

Samantha Max / WPLN

More than 3,000 employees at the General Motors plant in Spring Hill didn't show up for work Monday as part of the company's first nationwide strike since 2007. Union members have a list of demands, including better protections for temporary workers, which make up about 10% of the Spring Hill workforce.

Davidson County voter registration
Davidson County Election Commission

A federal judge has blocked a new Tennessee law that would have imposed strict regulations on voter registration efforts in the state. Judge Aleta Trauger said the law was unconstitutional and would cause more harm than good.

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Nashville's new Community Oversight Board is calling for an emergency meeting with the Metro mayor and chief of police next week. The group met Wednesday night to discuss concerns about lack of cooperation from police thus far.

The board hopes the mayor's presence will help the two parties find a way to move forward. 

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A note of warning: This story discusses sexual abuse and suicide. It may be disturbing to some readers.

Every week, Daniel Westbrooks walks through a metal detector and several locked doors to visit teens at Nashville's Juvenile Detention Center. He weaves through the shuffle of boys in matching blue polo shirts and gray slip-on sneakers, joking and chatting.

Westbrooks says he knows what it's like to be locked up. He cycled in and out of juvenile detention, jails and prisons for nearly two decades. All the while, he was holding in painful secrets from his past.

Officer Andrew Delke
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

Attorneys for Metro Nashville Police Officer Andrew Delke argue he can't get a fair trial in Davidson County because the local jury pool has already been tainted. A newly unsealed document asks the court to move the trial to another location because of widespread publicity in the aftermath of the shooting.

William Weeden Nashville
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

Metro Police is refusing to provide information to Nashville's new Community Oversight Board. The group has submitted multiple public records requests — and they've all been denied, a lack of cooperation that could be a sign of a difficult path forward.

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Mayor David Briley signed an executive order Tuesday morning that discourages local cooperation with federal immigration agencies. The policy comes amid growing scrutiny of Metro's relationship with immigration officials.

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Alcalde David Briley firmó una orden ejecutiva el martes que desalenta la cooperación entre departamentos local y agencias federales de inmigración. 

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Shawanna Norman was just 9 when Abu-Ali Abdur'Rahman stormed into her house in February 1986. She trembled in a bedroom with her sister Katrina, who was 8, hearing everything as their mother and her boyfriend were attacked.

The sisters were spared. Three decades later, so has the life of Abdur'Rahman. Last week, a judge granted him a new sentence of life imprisonment, ending a seemingly endless cycle of appeals just months before Abdur'Rahman was to be put to death.