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Sergio Martínez-Beltrán is Nashville Public Radio’s political reporter and host of The Tri-Star State podcast. Before moving to Nashville, Sergio covered education for the Standard-Examiner newspaper in Ogden, Utah. He is a Puerto Rico native and his work has also appeared on NPR station WKAR, San Antonio Express-News, Inter News Service, GFR Media and WMIZ 1270 AM. 

In his free time (once in a blue moon), Sergio can be found playing volleyball or in Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and the coolest uncle (feel free to fact-check) to Olivia and Jimena. 

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Republicans in the Tennessee House of Representatives are set to elect their pick to replace Glen Casada.

Six men will try to convince fellow lawmakers Wednesday to vote for them by positioning themselves as a different kind of leader.

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Gov. Bill Lee’s administration says it's not aware of promises allegedly made by House Speaker Glen Casada to get lawmakers to vote for the school voucher law.

But Livingston Democrat John Mark Windle claims that Casada suggested a promotion in exchange for his vote.

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Former Governor Bill Haslam knew he could win the U.S. Senate seat.

At least that’s what internal polls told him. But the position would have been different from what he’s been used to, first as mayor of Knoxville and then as governor of Tennessee.

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Almost every year, the Tennessee General Assembly supports legislation that prevents cities from enforcing ordinances. The latest example is a law that curtails the powers of Nashville’s police oversight board.

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The open U.S. Senate race in Tennessee just got interesting.

Former Gov. Bill Haslam decided he will not run, opening the door for other Republicans who may have been holding back. And the next day, President Donald Trump tweeted that the U.S. ambassador to Japan, Tennessee's Bill Hagerty, is getting into the race.

U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Japan

President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that Bill Hagerty is entering the U.S. Senate race in Tennessee.

Hagerty is currently the U.S. ambassador to Japan.

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Gov. Bill Lee told reporters Thursday his administration may move the start date of Tennessee's school voucher program up by a year. 

But it is unclear where funding would come from for an early start. 

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Tennessee’s privately run prisons have experienced twice as many inmate homicides compared to state-run facilities.

That’s according to a report released Wednesday by the Human Rights Defense Center, a prisoner advocacy group. The organization says the deaths are a result of how Brentwood-based CoreCivic operates its prisons.

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UPDATE: This story has been updated to reflect a Wednesday ruling by a federal judge.

A new law has banned online ordained ministers from officiating weddings in Tennessee.

Critics of the measure say it’s a violation of First Amendment rights. But for another group — LGBT people in rural and suburban communities — the impact could be even greater.

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Tennessee will have more than 70 new laws this year.

They go into effect on Monday, and range from banning handheld devices while driving, to allowing one type of gambling.