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With Amazon, ‘Nashville Yards’ Development Lands Its Blockbuster Anchor

Nov 13, 2018

Amazon’s 5,000-job announcement for Nashville also has major implications for the site in downtown Nashville where employees will work from a new 1-million-square-foot office space.

Amazon will become the major office anchor to the project known as “The Nashville Yards,” where crews are already working on a high-rise Hyatt hotel and an entertainment complex.

Before the announcement, and by any measure, the billion-dollar Nashville Yards project was already massive.

Its 15 acres between Broadway and Charlotte will house a campus of new buildings, to include a movie theater, music venue, retail space, hotel rooms and about a thousand residential units.

And now, Amazon.

The company says it will house tech and management jobs there related to customer service, transportation and its supply chain.

Nashville Yards is replacing the longtime home of LifeWay, a major religious publishing operation that relocated to a different part of downtown. Its iconic tower was imploded to much fanfare in January.

The full completion timeline isn’t clear, but the Hyatt hotel has a 2020 opening target.