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Commuting On I-440? Here's What Your Construction Headaches Could Look Like

Jul 11, 2018

The project to repair Interstate 440 could create safety hazards and traffic congestion for thousands of drivers who use the corridor on a daily basis.

At a public meeting Tuesday night, the Tennessee Department of Transportation presented three construction options.


Option 1: Traditional construction over 3 years


  • Temporary lane closures in both directions.

  • Two lanes will remain in each direction during the day, and one lane in both directions will remain open during the night.


Option 2: Segmented closures over 10 months.

  • Sections of the interstate would be fully shut down at a time, and there may be lane closures in the open portion.

  • First, the east segment (From I-65 to I-24) would be closed for four months.

  • Then the west segment (From I-40 to I-65) would be closed for six months.

Option 3: Hybrid of traditional construction and segmented closures over 22 months

  • The east segment (I-65 to I-24) would have lane closures for 16 months.

  • The west segment (I-40 to I-65) would be fully closed for six months.

When will the decision be made?

Developers will submit their proposals in the coming weeks and the contract will be awarded in August.

How much will this cost?

The pricing will be available on July 27 before the project is awarded.

What is this project fixing?

Construction will replace the deteriorating concrete and add lanes in some locations. The plan calls for the interstate’s grass median to be removed, in order to address crash rates that are nearly double the state average. Existing noise walls will be repaired and more will be installed.

The project also proposes to fix and expand I-440 bridges over I-65, which requires two weekend closures.


When will the construction start?


If TDOT selects Option 1, then construction could start in November. But the other two options would mean construction wouldn’t start until late 2019.