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Curious Nashville: The Construction Boom Puppet Show

Nov 10, 2017

What happens when you adapt a podcast episode into a puppet show?

Curious Nashville magic, that's what.

In May, we hosted a celebration of Nashville Public Radio's podcasts — called Podcast Party (fittingly) — at the Nashville Children's Theater. We teamed up with local puppeteers to produce a live animated version of one of our Curious Nashville episodes, The Life And Death Of An Old House In Boomtown.

The episode stemmed from this question asked by a WPLN listener: "Where is construction waste from new construction in Nashville going?” And to answer it, WPLN's Meribah Knight picked one house that was slated for demolition. She followed it all the way to the landfill, and then she went back and traced its history. 

At Podcast Party, Meribah read the episode live, accompanied by the puppet show (including a puppet version of herself). Then the puppeteers performed the show again in our studio for our video camera to the audio recorded at Podcast Party.

Thanks to puppet directors Dana Samborski and Matt Laird, and puppeteers Maya Ahuja, Quenton Brodnak and Krista Weltner. Enjoy!