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Curious Nashville: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Nashville Recycling

Feb 11, 2019

From plastic straws to old lightbulbs and shredded paper, it’s not always obvious what can be recycled through Nashville’s curbside program.

But residents really want to know, as evidenced by the dozens of questions that have come into Curious Nashville since Emily Siner first explored recycling in 2017.

More: Transcript for this podcast episode (PDF)

Now we’re back with a batch of answers — perhaps our last — with help from recycling experts Kelly Tipler of Metro Public Works, and Leah Sherry of Turnip Green Creative Reuse.

Listen along as Tipler and Sherry answer listeners’ questions and provide guidance in the form of some recycling “rules of thumb.” 

Plus, Curious Nashville shares some changes coming to curbside recycling, and an update to the city’s special attempt to collect glass from downtown honky tonks.

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