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Flooding Will Keep Some Nashville Greenways Closed For Weeks

Mar 14, 2019

Six of Nashville’s greenways remain flooded and partially closed to joggers and bicyclists.

With more rain coming, officials say they could stay that way for a while.

Many of the city’s greenways run alongside rivers, which are still elevated because of record-setting rain this year. Metro Parks leaders can only guess when the flooded routes will reopen.

“I’m thinking weeks,” said Rick Taylor, head of maintenance.

His team has barricades out at six greenways, including for three portions of the heavily flooded Stones River Greenway in the Donelson area. Other impacted paths are the Brookmeade, Cumberland River, Peeler Park, Shelby Bottoms and Whites Creek greenways.

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Some stretches have been immersed several feet deep. Water was shoulder-high near Ted Rhodes Golf Course on the Cumberland River Greenway, and some bridges are underwater.

“We may have some damage to some bridges, but we don’t know that yet until we can inspect them,” Taylor said. “We can’t see them or view them because of the water level at this point.”

Once the water clears, Taylor estimates it will take at least a week to inspect the bridges and to check for erosion. He says he has engineers ready to do that as soon as it’s safe.

High water covers a portion of the Cumberland River Greenway near the Ted Rhodes Golf Course in MetroCenter.
Credit Chas Sisk / WPLN