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Gallatin Theater Hosts Autism-Friendly Movie Screenings

May 22, 2015

A theater in Gallatin is trying to make it easier for kids with autism to go to the movies.

NCG Cinema has started a monthly series of what the theater chain calls "sensory-friendly screenings." For example, at the movie this weekend — Disney's "Tomorrowland" — the theater won't be completely dark, unlike in other showings.

"If are lights are all the way down, it does get pretty dark in there," says manager Brittany Roth. "So we have it halfway up, just so that the kids can enjoy this movie without being scared or feeling threatened."

The sound will also be softer, and kids will be allowed to talk or run around the theater during the show. Roth says the first autism-friendly movie screening drew a crowd of about 100.

"One little boy, he like came up and shook our hands and was running around the theater just so ecstatic, because they don't get to go out and do anything."

All 17 NCG Cinemas around the country are doing this, Roth says. Many theaters in the AMC chain have been doing the same for several years as well, though none in Tennessee.

The Gallatin theater is playing "Tomorrowland" on Saturday at 10 a.m.