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Historic Nashville Goes All In To Guard Fort Negley

Oct 6, 2017

Usually, the nonprofit called Historic Nashville selects nine sites around the city that it thinks are endangered and should be preserved.

This year, it selected one: Fort Negley.

It's a clear shot at the proposal to develop Greer Stadium into a mixed-use complex called Cloud Hill. The former minor league baseball stadium sits next to the Union fort from the Civil War, but preservationists have been calling for the site to be returned to Fort Negley's park land.

Historic Nashville points to Fort Negley's history as being built by slaves. They believe hundreds are buried on the site.


The city is currently funding an archaeological study to determine if Greer Stadium sits on any unmarked graves.


“Historic Nashville believes that commercial development is the wrong decision for this property. We hope the designation of Fort Negley Park as 'Nashville One' will encourage the city to reconsider the current plans,” organization president Jenn Harrman said.


“We stand ready to work with the city and many partners to find a solution for this unique historic site that both supports the needs of the community and honors the African American history that makes this a site of international significance."