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In Honor Of National Pet Day: Old And New Photos Of Musicians And Their Best Friends

Apr 11, 2019

National Pet Day is all about celebrating the pets in our lives. Take, for example, the model of these classical musicians.

Franz Schubert and a furry friend, pictured in an 1827 portrait by Gábor Melegh.

Franz Schubert and a furry friend, pictured in a 1827 portrait by Gábor Melegh. 

A young Sergei Rachmaninoff with his dog, Levko, and a portrait of Tchaikovsky looking over them.

John Cage pets his cat, Losa. 

In 1901, a friend gave Dame Ethel Smyth her first Old English sheepdog puppy named Pan. Pan became the first in a line of sheepdogs Smyth would raise over the next 40 years, named Pan II through Pan VII. 

Frances Poulenc cuddles his fox terrier. 

Ralph Vaughan Williams and his cat, Foxy. 

Arnold Schoenberg strikes a pose with his dog. 

Maria Callas, pictured here with two of her toy poodles, once reportedly said, "Only my dogs will not betray me." 

In a variation on the classic pirate-parrot pairing, Dmitri Shostakovich poses with a kitten on his shoulder.

"By the time I was six," pianist Glenn Gould once said, "I made an important discovery, that I get along much better with animals than humans." He's pictured here with his dog, Nicky, and a feathered friend perched atop his sheet music. 

Local Classical Musicians

Tucker Biddlecombe and Bruno
Credit Mary Biddlecombe

Nashville Symphony Chorus director Tucker Biddlecombe thinks that a pet is a great idea for a workaholic musician. "Bruno is especially adept at letting me know when I've had enough score study time, and when throwing the ball has become the more immediate priority.

Credit Kirsten Copely

Vanderbilt harp professor Kirsten Agresta Copely can be seen at the park with her dog Argos.

Mr. Weasley
Credit Zeneba Bowers

Mr. Weasley the cat borrowed a bit of wardrobe from Nashville Symphony cellist Matt Walker to appear here in white tie and tail.

Lizzlie Knope
Credit Kaitlyn Raitz

Oliver the Crow cellist Kaitlyn Raitz is a regular volunteer at the Nashville Zoo, and her choice of pet shows her comfort level with animals. Lizzlie Knope is warm under the lamp.

Lisa Glitter Snowflake
Credit Celine Thackston

Chatterbird Artistic Director Celine Thackston made it quite clear that Lisa Glitter Snowflake was named by her daughter. We think it's a perfect fit.

Credit Kelly Corcoran

Karma is Intersection Artistic Director Kelly Corcoran's loyal pup.

Credit Sari Reist

ALIAS cellist Sari Reist and her beautiful bird.

91Classical Hosts And Their Pets

Romeo the cat cuddles with Tora the Staffordshire Bulldog.
Credit Ed Lambert

Two members of afternoon host Ed Lambert's household share the same warm spot.

Credit Nina Cardona

Music Director Nina Cardona has said that her cat Toonces particularly enjoys the sounds of her psaltery.

Credit Kara McLeland

Midday host Kara McLeland's pup Wallace was the star of a fall pledge drive video. He also loves to howl at opera. 

Credit Kara McLeland/Nashville Public Radio

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