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Keeping Score: That Sounds Different

Jan 28, 2019

Not every instrument you hear on 91Classical can be found in the orchestra.

In this collection of three performances from Live in Studio C we wanted to highlight sounds that surprised our listeners (and us) when they were first broadcast. All three pieces of music are also brand new works, performed by the composer.

The Machine

Composer Christopher Walters, along with ALIAS Chamber Ensemble, brought an instrument that he just called "the machine" for his piece Mikromechanische Momente.


Percussionist Jesse Strauss, performing as a part of chamber music ensemble Chatterbird, had glass vases as part of his setup for Either/Or.

Percussionist Jesse Strauss And host Colleen Phelps

Strauss used the reflective nature of his setup to his advantage, setting up a disco light in the studio. 

violinist Alicia Enstrom

Violinist Alicia Enstrom wanted a portable orchestra but decided instead to be a one-woman band, as exemplified by the looping and layering present in her piece Lo-Fi.

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