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March Music Madness 2019: Round 2 Voting

Mar 8, 2019

It's time to find out which pieces have triumphed in the first round of voting.

One thing worth remembering is that this is not a seeded tournament - we were more interested in finding good matchups and randomized the order in which they appeared in the bracket. Thus none of the winners could be considered an "upset" per se, but we did find some surprises in the results. Here's a look at what is to come. When you're ready, use our handy google form to vote in Round 2.

What to look for in Round 2:

There's a clash of the titans right away in the choice between Mozart and Beethoven. Remember, you're choosing between the pieces themselves, not the composer's overall catalog.

The Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet Overture Fantasia is so dramatic and exciting, but it's up against the lushness of Brahms's Variations on a Theme by Haydn. This is sure to be a tough choice for many.

American composers fared very well in the first round. Gershwin's American in Paris won a resounding victory, and Copland's Appalachian Spring, Beach's Gaelic Symphony, and Price's Symphony No. 1 are all still in the running. 

The matchup of Florence Price's Symphony No. 1 and Dvorak's 9th is particularly interesting. The two pieces are often compared to each other - their tunefulness and recalling of African American music is listed as a similarity, though Price's credentials in that area, compared to Dvorak's, are hard to argue with.

Here is an updated bracket, for those keeping track:

March Music Madness Round 2
Credit Kara McLeland/Nashville Public Radio