Mayor Barry Calls Truce Between DA And Police Chief, Saying Both Are To Blame | Nashville Public Radio

Mayor Barry Calls Truce Between DA And Police Chief, Saying Both Are To Blame

May 19, 2017

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry met with the city's police chief and top prosecutor Friday morning to settle a running dispute. The feud stems from a new arrangement for investigating shootings by police officers.

"I have asked that we stop the war of words that the District Attorney and the MNPD have engaged in," she said in a prepared statement. "They need to communicate more and they need to cooperate more."

While she spoke at his press conference last week, Barry says the District Attorney was wrong to publicize the findings in the death of Jocques Clemmons without briefing the police department first. But she says police also shouldn't have preempted the press conference by releasing their own internal review that exonerated officer Joshua Lippert.

Going forward, Barry is asking the departments not to release their reports publicly until the state’s criminal investigation concludes.

Police Chief Steve Anderson and District Attorney Glenn Funk shook hands after the meeting, according toe Barry, who says they agreed to work more closely. However, they did not settle a new sticking point over when agents from the state take over a police shooting investigation.

This week, the TBI showed up at the site of an officer-involved shooting in Antioch, as prescribed in a newly signed memorandum of understand, but were told because no one died Metro police would handle it.