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Movers & Thinkers #22: The Funniest One In The Room

Aug 13, 2019

Comedians are used to being the funniest people in the room, but that doesn't mean they're the happiest.

DJ Pryor knows all about using stand-up comedy to process the stresses of life — whether it's growing up as the child of a teenage mother, losing loved ones or working menial jobs at Walmart.

But he's also seen how these experiences can be used for good: turning trials into moments of shared humanity that make people feel more connected. And after a recent video of a conversation he had with his toddler went viral, the Clarksville-based comic is now bringing his uniquely energetic style of comedy to a worldwide audience.

Join DJ Pryor for a conversation with WPLN's Emily Siner about laughter, parenthood and newfound fame.

When: Saturday, Aug. 24, at Nashville Public Radio's Podcast Party
Where: Nashville Children's Theatre, 25 Middleton St. (directions here)
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