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Movers & Thinkers Live Taping: The Butcher, The Vegan Baker, The Potions Maker

Jun 5, 2019

The greatest food innovators don't necessarily start from scratch. Instead, they often incorporate knowledge passed down through generations. Maybe they're recreating their family's longtime favorite meals, but with new ingredients. Or maybe they're using older methods of food preparation that are on the verge of being forgotten. How does tradition add meaning to their work? And what happens when the old timers think they've strayed too far?

At this Movers & Thinkers live taping, we'll talk to three people who are blending the traditional and the modern in the world of food: Chris Carter of Porter Road Butcher, a shop that prides itself on making local meat more accessible; Tiffany Hancock of The Southern V, a vegan restaurant that serves Southern comfort food and baked goods; and Leah Larabell of High Garden, a tea shop that teaches the art and science of consuming plants.

Join us for a conversation with Chris, Tiffany and Leah, hosted by Emily Siner and the WPLN newsroom.

When: Thursday, June 20. Doors open at 5:45 p.m. Live taping begins promptly at 6 and lasts approximately an hour.
Where: Nashville Public Radio, 630 Mainstream Dr.
How to attend: RSVP on Eventbrite for the free event. Space is limited.


Credit Courtesy of Leah Larabell

Leah Larabell grew up close to the land, and she began studying herbalism over a decade ago. She opened High Garden in East Nashville with her husband Joel in 2012. Through running the tea shop and offering classes, she is able to reintroduce many people to their forgotten green friends and a way of life full of joy, support and connection. Leah considers it her purpose to bring person and plant back together in the bonded relationship that it once was and can be.

Credit Mika Matin / Courtesy of Tiffany Hancock

Tiffany Hancock craved the flavors and seasonings from her past. She couldn't find them after she transitioned to veganism. But Tiffany loves a challenge, so she went to the kitchen and made magic. Now, you can find her sprinting back and forth, cooking and baking all the items for The Southern V in North Nashville. Her Southern take on vegan/plant-based dishes has provided many customers with a new perspective on the lifestyle, as well as given a nostalgic experience to longtime vegans.

Credit Courtesy of Chris Carter

Chris Carter made his entry into the restaurant industry as a busboy in high school and later studied culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Arizona. It was after culinary school, however, working at Flemings Steakhouse, where Chris came to appreciate high-quality meat and decided to create Porter Road Butcher. While not driving all over the region to pick up animals, processing and cutting meat in Princeton, Ky., or serving customers in the East Nashville shop, Chris enjoys going to a good concert, drinking several cold beers while fishing, roaming the aisles of Bass Pro Shop at Opry Mills and finding his center in a hot yoga class.