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Music For The Last Day Of School

May 21, 2019

As the school year comes to a close, we have all the music you need for your mixed feelings.

Here's a Spotify playlist to accompany this post:

For Parents

Composer Grace Williams gives a beautiful depiction of the ocean - perfect for families as their minds turn toward trips to the beach.

For Elementary-Schoolers

Whether they're headed for camp or staying home, one thing is inevitable: those kids are ready to be outside!

For Middle- And High-Schoolers

Middle-schoolers may not miss the pressures of the school day, but they might be missing the chance to see their friends.

For New Graduates

Edward Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance  would seem obligatory, but have you ever listened to the whole thing? At the BBC Proms every year, it's even more of a party than students get walking across the stage.

When Johannes Brahms was to be awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Breslau, he initially wrote a humble thank-you note. The school was not satisfied — conductor Bernard Scholz suggested, "Compose a fine symphony for us! But well orchestrated old boy — not too uniformly thick." Brahms responded with, as he described it, "a boisterous potpourri of student drinking songs."

For Teachers

Haydn's Farewell Symphony shows the perfect depiction of those last days among the teachers as one by one, the candles go out and the musicians gracefully exit. A not-so-subtle hint Haydn was giving to his employer: it's time for a break.

And as much as teachers love the kiddos in their care, it's OK to feel a sense of freedom and relief for a job well done at the end of the year.

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