Nashville School Helps Students Cope With Potential Deportations | Nashville Public Radio

Nashville School Helps Students Cope With Potential Deportations

Apr 12, 2017

While home during the Congressional recess, Nashville Democrat Jim Cooper visited Nashville charter school STEM Preparatory Academy.

Most of the students at STEM Prep are first or second generation immigrants. The school doesn't know how many of them come from undocumented families. But administrators says there’s been anxiety since President Trump's threat to increase deportations.

During a Q&A session, Congressman Cooper argued the US has been one of the most immigrant friendly countries in the world, and he wants it to remain that way.


Kristin McGraner, founder and executive director of the charter school, says this anxiety is why they're talking more about current affairs.


She says the school has "lessons that get at democracy and international affairs" and that teachers "foster class discussions around current events" so the children stay informed.

The charter school has been intentional about attracting immigrant students. For 90 percent of them, English is not their first language.