Nashville's District 1 Chooses Jonathan Hall For Metro Council | Nashville Public Radio

Nashville's District 1 Chooses Jonathan Hall For Metro Council

Jun 28, 2018

The newest Metro Council member will be Jonathan Hall, who won the runoff election on Thursday to take over the District 1 seat that represents Bordeaux, Joelton, Bells Bend and Scottsboro.

Hall won with 58 percent — and a margin of 323 votes. He was especially popular in Joelton.

He campaigned on a message of bringing more Metro infrastructure dollars to the "overlooked" district.

Here’s how Hall described his platform to WPLN: “Improving our schools, improving our infrastructure, looking at smart growth and development in the Bordeaux area while protecting and preserving our rural communities like Scottsboro, Joelton and Whites Creek.”

Hall will fill the seat for at least a year, until the next countywide election.

The District 1 seat has been vacant since its last occupant, Nick Leonardo, took a job as a criminal court judge.

And the councilman before that, Loniel Greene, resigned during a criminal investigation. By coincidence, he was also making headlines on Election Day, when his criminal sentence was handed down: two years of probation for witness intimidation.

Some voters said turnover and instability factored into their votes.

“Seems like we cannot get someone to stay, someone that cares about the district. Somebody that will stick around and will be here for as long as the term will allow them to be,” said Stephanie Hill-Chatman, who backed Hall.