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Neighbors: Red State Mama

May 8, 2018

Marlo Mack has a young transgender daughter. She met another woman named Debi Jackson who has a very similar parenting story to her own, the only difference is where they live. Marlo lives in a liberal community where she and her transgender daughter are supported. Debi grew up a Southern Baptist conservative in a Red State. This transition has cost her a lot more, than Marlo and her daughter.

Credits and notes: This story originally aired in partnership with KUOW on the podcast How To Be A Girl by Marlo Mack. Original story production was provided by Jim Gates and Whitney Henry-Lester. Neighbors’ editors are Emily Siner, Mack Linebaugh, and Anita Bugg with production assistance from Caleb Shiver. Music in this episode by Podington Bear, Benjamin Door and St. Paul de Vence.