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Sen. Corker Will Vote No On Tax Reform Bill, Citing 'Fiscal Concerns'

Dec 1, 2017

Senator Bob Corker said he is "disappointed" to announce he won’t be voting for the current tax overhaul plan.

In a statement released Friday afternoon, the Tennessee Republican said he supports a number of provisions in the legislation and that the tax bill could be fixed to be more fiscally sound and still encourage economic growth.

"Unfortunately, it is clear that the caucus is in a different place," Corker wrote in a statement.

Corker said he can’t cast aside his fiscal concerns about deepening the country’s debt. He has called President Trump to let him know he won’t support the tax overhaul and offered that he could reconsider if the bill is modified before final passage.

Even as Congress began debating taxes, Corker was seen as one of the most skeptical Republicans, saying if the proposal added a single penny to the national deficit he wouldn't support it.

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As of Friday afternoon, Corker was the only Republican to publicly commit to voting no, with a final vote expected in the evening.

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander says he will vote for the legislation, though his support was never really in doubt.

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