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Suspensions Down Sharply, But More Metro Students Are Getting Expelled

Jan 28, 2016

Nashville has seen an increase this school year in the number of students expelled.

Already, 95 were kicked out in the fall semester, compared to 76 at the same time last year.

Short-term suspensions — meanwhile — are down sharply. That’s according to numbers presented Thursday at a citywide Youth Violence Summit.

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Still, the amount of cursing, fighting, and gun incidents raises concerns for Tony Majors, who oversees discipline and security for Metro Schools.

“4,900 kids have already been suspended the first semester, but we’re supposed to make academic gains and state accountability? Can’t learn if you’re not in class. So we’ve got to break that cycle,” he said.

He called special attention to 1,300 fights in the first semester.

“That’s a choice … some children are choosing to resort to violence to handle their issues,” he said.

Statistics show a year-over-year decline in suspensions, but increase in expulsions.
Credit Metro Schools

Majors told about 400 students that he wants them to speak honestly about whether weapons, drugs, or lack of adult mentors prompt the violence that they see.

Those insights will inform a new safety plan.

About 400 students, representing Nashville high schools, attended a youth violence summit on Thursday.
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