Taylor Swift's Senate Endorsement Creates Frenzy Beyond Tennessee | Nashville Public Radio

Taylor Swift's Senate Endorsement Creates Frenzy Beyond Tennessee

Oct 8, 2018

The conversation around Taylor Swift’s endorsement of Democrat Phil Bredesen even got the President's attention.

President Donald Trump — who has campaigned for Republican Marsha Blackburn in the Tennessee senate race — told reporters that Swift’s endorsement has made him like her music 25 percent less.

"Marsha Blackburn is doing a very good job in Tennessee. She's leading now substantially, which she should," Trump said Monday. "I'm sure Taylor Swift doesn't know anything about her."

Other Republicans have been somewhat dismissive yet have still responded. Former Governor Mike Huckabee, of Arkansas, tweeted that Swift’s backing of Bredesen “won’t impact (the) election” unless 13-year-olds are allowed to vote.

And the National Republican Senate Committee, which is spending heavily on TV ads in the race, says the singer “came down from her ivory tower to tell hardworking Tennesseans” how to vote.

Bredesen, who is trying to appeal to moderates, has avoided endorsements from Democratic leaders, but he embraced Swift’s support, which his campaign says came as a surprise.